Informed Dementia Care

My name is Mark Harrison. I have over 25 years experience working with people living with dementia. As a Dementia Specialist, I have worked in two of the UK’s largest care organisations. I cover the UK providing dementia seminars, training, consultancy and have spoken at many different dementia events including Oxford University Green Templeton’s College. I am a company award winner for implementing a Meaningful Engagement Programme. I wrote a dementia article called, Cues and Clues which was published in, The Care Home Catering Forum Magazine. I am a partner of Informed Dementia Care and I love delivering seminars and training. Recently I developed some Aging Simulation Suits used in our Experiential Dementia Champions training. I believe in an empathetic led practical approach to dementia training and feel it is more important to know about the person than to identify the lobes of the person”s brain.

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