Judgement Index

The Judgement Index is the world’s original and best values based assessment tool and has no equal when it comes to identifying and developing the right people. Established in the 1970’s from decades of research by Nobel Prize nominee Dr Robert S Hartman, the Judgement Index has been integrated into forward thinking organisations long before “values” became a buzzword.

It is one of the most highly mathematical, scientific and logically-based assessment instruments ever created, and no other values based assessment comes close to it in terms of depth and sophistication. It empowers you to measure the value system and the judgement capacity and capability of an individual – and it does so with unswerving accuracy.

The Judgement Index is not a personality assessment. People can have pleasing and engaging personalities. They may even have the skill sets, experience, and knowledge your organisation requires. Studies have shown that people are more likely to hire someone they feel is “like them” and we often hear people say they recruit on “gut instinct”

However, if the candidate does not possess good judgement – the determining factor in how every other talent and capability they offer is utilised – then successful outcomes are often not realised.

Personality assessments often categorise people into one of sixteen personality types. In fact, someone who is a CEO and a particular personality type will no doubt find others with the same type serving life in prison. The differentiator between these people, one in prison and one regarded as a success is their judgement. Personality simple is not a good predictor of success – good judgement is.

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