Like you, we’re committed to improving adherence and want to do all we can to make ‘non-adherence’ a thing of the past. For over 20 years, our mission has been to create new efficiencies that help improve patient care wherever it is delivered – from acute care hospitals to post-acute skilled nursing and long-term care facilities to the home.

We can provide you with a range of solutions from our market-leading medication adherence pill packs to our automated medicines management, inventory management and dispensing systems.

Omnicell Inc. was founded in 1992 on the premise that better management of supplies and medications would improve a hospital’s standard of care by allowing clinicians to spend more time with their patients.

In 2012, we acquired medication adherence packaging specialists, MTS Medication Technologies, and in 2014, Surgichem was also added to the portfolio. With a combined market share of almost 80%, it makes us by far and away the UK’s leader in medication adherence solutions and packaging.

In 2015, we acquired automated dispensing specialists, MACH4 and Avantec, the exclusive UK supplier of Omnicell systems – allowing us to offer customers a range of medication adherence solutions in a wide-range of healthcare settings in the in the UK, Ireland, across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

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