We believe in supporting the care industry in as many ways as we can – from the products we make, to the way we price them, and the carefully-chosen partners we work with.

That’s why we don’t charge ‘set-up fees’, we don’t charge for being ‘in the cloud’ and we don’t charge families to receive valuable updates on the wellbeing of their loved ones. Instead we have one simple, low, monthly charge making sure we’re affordable for small and large providers alike.

We also believe we should give back to the people using us, and support those on the frontline keeping us all going – the care workers. That’s why we’re working with Aviva to support their customers through the care delivery process, why we’re a paid member of the UK Homecare Association, and why we donate 1% of all of our revenue to the Care Workers Charity to support those care workers struggling to develop their careers or make ends meet.

Finally, we believe that if we make OnCare a fun place to work, we can hire a great team and continue to support the care industry with better and better tools, and keep making care easier across the board.

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