The Grey Matter Group

We give you the tools to provide person centred learning to create competent safe teams that deliver outstanding results and build trust. With us you can improve lives through learning.

Make staff learning and development:

  • relevant
  • timely
  • cost effective
  • real

We live and breathe competence! Since 2006 we’ve been working at solving the challenges that health and social care providers face with evidencing their staff skills and abilities to regulators. Competence brings compliance, effective learning drives performance, compliance and performance brings outstanding services to your clients.

Our tools allow you to deliver the right learning to your individual team members, person centred learning that means your experienced staff spend less time in a classroom and more time doing what they do best. Our unique tools gives the individual the opportunity to learn what they need, evidence what they know and put their learning to practice.

We call it: know. understand. do.

Our partners receive great feedback from their regulators, have increased staff retention, save time and money and see a valuable increase in customer satisfaction.

We believe in holistic learning experiences that are meaningful to the individual in any sector. Our platform allows you to mix the learning and training methods that work for you and your team, together with your organisation values and policies to enable your team to deliver outstanding services to your people.

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